Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break in Beaver Creek - I

On the first day of our ski vacation, Daddy stayed back with Piper and waited for everyone in Beaver Creek Village so he and Piper could participate in the apres ski. Papa Leveque and Courtney enjoyed skiing together while the boys spent more time practicing in ski school.

Tim & Courtney enjoying the slopes
 On the second day of our ski vacation, Papa Leveque stayed back with Piper so they could pick Nana Leveque up...Allowing Scott & Courtney time away while the boys once again honed their skills in ski school.
On the third day of our ski vacation, Nana Leveque stayed back with Piper allowing Papa Leveque, Daddy, Mommy, Ryder (6) and Taggart (4) to all hit the slopes as a family for the first time (no ski school for the boys!).
Tagg and Mommy getting off the ski lift
The boys telling us all which runs we were going to do
We were so excited to be on the mountain as a family and amazed by how good the boys have gotten.

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