Saturday, February 18, 2012

Breckenridge ski vacation -V

Check out some footage of Ryder's first day on the slopes with Daddy and no instructor. 
Not bad for a five year old with only a few lessons. He loves skiing and said he had a blast with Daddy...We are going to have lot of fun.

Breckenridge ski vacation - IV

Ryder and Daddy spent the last day on the slopes together. Knowing that Mommy probably wouldn't approve, they took a photo from the chair lift and sent it to her.
Once off the lift, Daddy wanted another photo top commemorate the day. Both had huge smiles as they had so much fun.
Ryder led Daddy all over the mountain. He was really good. Once when Daddy fell, Ryder stopped and asked, "Are you OK and do you need me to help you?". It was a humbling experience for Daddy.

 Later in the day, Ryder paused before a run and ask, "Daddy, do you really think you can do this run?". Again, Daddy was humbled but could also be heard laughing loudly as he chased Ryder down the hill.

Breckenridge ski vacation - III

Tagg did outstanding in his first ski school.
 He is a little ham who takes every opportunity to wave to Mommy.

Tagg had a blast and enjoyed ski school. It won't be too long before he is up on the mountain with Daddy.

Breckenridge ski vacation - II

Tagg was so excited to get on the mountain that he was willing to wear Daddy's snowboarding gear.

 Once out there, he looked like a regular with his mind on winning a slalom world cup some day.
OK, maybe he didn't look the part just yet...

Breckenridge ski vacation - I

We headed up to Breckenridge for a quick ski vacation and get away. With Ryder and Taggart both signed up for ski school, Daddy took advantage of the time and hit the slopes.
 On day two, Daddy actually ran into Ryder and his ski school mates on the slopes. Check Ryder out as he continues to learn the finer points of skiing.
On day three, when Daddy caught up to Ryder's class, he asked Ryder and the ski instructor if they could take a photo....Daddy thinks it is a "classic".

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The boys are excited about the Super Bowl this afternoon but need a little relaxation before the excitement, so they took advantage of Mommy taking a nap to relax with or on her.