Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yawn and Stretch

Tagg's sleeping has improved and now something he seems to enjoy. He is in a great mood when he wakes up.

Brotherly Love

Ryder is a great big brother who is always showing affection to Tagg. We caught him sneaking a kiss.

Story Time

Group story time does not always work but on this night both Ryder and Tagg were in good spirits. I don't think Tagg is that interested, he either stared at Daddy or Ryder the entire time and never really looked at the book. Actually he may not have even noticed that we were holding a book.

Eating Solids....During & After

Tagg is not a huge fan of the rice cereal. Who could blame him that stuff is not real good. Most of it ends up on him, his clothes and everything within 2 feet.

Now the bath that follows is a different story. Tagg really enjoys bath time and being in the water. He may be the swimmer in the family.


Tagg is sitting up with a little assistance from the Bumbo seat. He is getting so active and alert.

Never is this more apparent than when he sees his big brother, Ryder.

Dogtown and Z-Boys? I Don't Think So.

Ryder found Daddy's Sector9 Longboard Skateboard in the garage. Without encouragement he made his way to the drive way. We were extremely proud of his determination but must say it didn't really come naturally. We saw a lot of this which led to frustration and anger.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

What a day, drinking bottles of milk, taking naps, watching doesn't get much better than this. I just wish someone would have told me the game was going to go beyond my bedtime. FYI...Mommy said that Daddy's day wasn't much different than mine.....drinking bottles of beer, taking a nap and watching football. Too bad this thing they call the Super Bowl only happens once a year.


Yes, Ryder really did select this outfit to include the sunglasses. Nonstop comedy watching him walk up and down the streets of downtown Louisville, CO on Saturday.


Tagg is learning to explore while Ryder is learning to terrorize. Little brother does not stand much of a chance now. Big brother probably doesn't stand much chance once Tagg gets mobile.

Tagg loves the thought of it.


Saturday morning waffles are becoming a tradition. Ryder's reaction is not so traditional.

"Waffles again?"

"No, I don't think so!"

"No one is watching, I am hungry, time to eat."