Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Go Kart

At the Medtronic Navigation summer picnic Ryder jumped at the chance to get behind the wheel of a Go Kart.
Shockingly, Ryder did outstanding. I guess he is paying attention while Mommy and Daddy drive him all over Colorado.
FYI....that metal guard rail really does a good job of keeping the Karts on the track.....Ryder learned that from personal experience (see the trajectory of the car). After that one collision, he did a great job of keeping in in the middle of the track.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hilton Head Island vacation IX

What a great vacation we had in Hilton Head Island, SC.
All of the boys (Ryan and Scott included) had so much fun that we were exhausted at the end of each day. Poor Tagg seems to be exhausted in both photos.

Thanks Nana and Papa.

Hilton Head Island vacation VIII

Water fountain splash pad at Coligny Beach provided endless fun

Hilton Head Island vacation VII

Nana and Papa made sure that Ryder had an opportunity to try a bike with pedals. Well, he picked that up in about 2 minutes. He really enjoys riding bikes and actually wants a new bike now.
Popsicles out by the pool. Another great day.

Hilton Head Island vacation VI

The South Carolina weather was great (albeit a little hot and humid when compared to Colorado) so the boys took advantage and logged some beach time.

Mommy joined in and decided to enjoy the water with the boys.

Hilton Head Island vacation V

The boys enjoyed biking through Harbour Town. Ryder is imitating (or possibly making fun of) Tagg for falling asleep on the ride. Seriously? Doubt that he will be a professional cyclist if he can't stay awake on a family ride.

Now rested, the boys thought it would be fun to team up on Uncle Ryan and attack him.

Hilton Head Island vacation IV

"Do we really have to head home Daddy? That was soo much fun. Oh the treasures.....we saw multiple dophins, a shark and a stingray all in the same outing. When can we go again?"

"Mommy, Mommy.....Seriously, we finally found our treasure today."
"Well boys, now that you found your treasure I guess we can fully enjoy the rest of our vacation and time with Nana and Papa Leveque."

Hilton Head Island vacation III

"Shark! We are going to need a bigger boat....... Didn't they make a movie about this?"
"No worries, its just Flipper."
Finally, the treasure hunt pays off as we found a friendly dolphin to follow the boat.

Hilton Head Island vacation II

Treasure hunt....no longer looking for buried treasure.

"Alright Ryder, yesterday's treasure hunt was worthless. I know, I know..... its not your first time to the beach. Well, today I am captaining the boat (with Papa Leveque's assistance) in search of another treasure spot. Grab a seat and hold on." "OK, you can have a turn at the helm. Just don't get too used to it and remember to be on the look out for treasure."
Alternative post.....

I'm on a boat.
I'm on a boat.
I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies.
I'm riding on a dolphin doing flips and shxx.
It's going splashin and gettin everybody wet
This is real as it gets.

Hilton Head Island vacation I

"Trust me Tagg, this is exactly where we need to dig to find the pirates buried treasure. Remember, this is not my first time to the beach. I know its not yours either but you are way to yittle to remember."
"Seriously, is that all you have Daddy? If you don't pull your weight, you won't be able to share in the treasure and riches."
"Keep digging you two." ~ Ryder