Monday, May 27, 2013

HHI Vacation - Family

 Thanks to Nana & Papa Leveque for hosting us and making it such an enjoyable and memorable vacation. We can't get back to HHI soon enough.
Nana & Papa Leveque with Piper, Rider and Tagg
Thanks to Uncle Ryan and Kate for driving in from Charleston to spend time with Ryder, Taggart and Piper (and Mommy and Daddy).
The entire crew celebrating Memorial Day weekend in Hilton Head Island
Team Hutton wrapping up another incredible trip to South Carolina

HHI Vacation - Beach

Piper had so much fun at the beach...
Piper playing in the sand
Piper and Mommy playing in the surf
Piper chillin out
Piper chillin out like her big brothers
Piper spotting birds 
Daddy & Piper walking to the water
Uncle Ryan and Kate with Team Hutton 

HHI Vacation - Boat

The boat is always a family favorite....except for Piper. On Piper's first time out, she shared her frustrations.
Piper was not happy to be on the boat
 Shortly after this photo we returned to drop Nana Leveque and Piper off at the dock. It was obvious she wanted no part of it. 
The Hutton boys acting silly
Ryder at the helm
Tagg taking his turn in command
No matter who was Captaining we couldn't avoid all the dolphins

HHI Vacation - Crab Legs and Bike Rides

Ryder & Taggart had a special day with Papa Leveque as he took them out to learn all about crabs. The boys then got to catch them, cook them and eat them. The eating part took us all by surprise.
Ryder & Tagg look on in disbelief

Showing the remnants of the crab leg they ate
When given the chance, the boys won't pass up an opportunity to ride their bikes....usually not on a golf course though.
Tagg all smiles
Ryder determined to be first
Piper just along for the ride

HHI Vacation - Pool

To kick off the Summer, the Hutton family headed to Hilton Head Island, SC to visit Nana & Papa Leveque. At the request of the boys, the trip began will pool time.
Tagg & Ryder acting silly poolside
Ryder working on his swimming
Daddy and Piper just enjoying the water
Nana & Papa spending time with Piper
The many faces of Taggart
The boys tormenting someone or something with the water guns

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Hike

To celebrate Mother's Day, Team Hutton went outdoors for a family hike in Boulder County.

It was Piper's first official hike in the backpack. She loved it and did great.
We love you Mommy! Hope you had a great day and appreciated how grateful we are and how much we love you.
Daddy, Ryder, Tagg and Piper

Soccer Season

Yesterday, Ryder & Taggart completed another successful Spring soccer season. Both boys teams had great seasons and improved significantly. Personally, Ryder and Tagg continued to enjoy the competition and demonstrate great sportsmanship and teamwork.
Tagg patiently waiting for his game while watching Ryder's

Ryder in open space setting up the defenders

After a quick cross over, Ryder's prepares to take a shot on goal....and SCORE!
Taggart in the background cheering Ryder on.
Ryder ready for the throw in 
Ryder scoring his second goal of the day 
Tagg aggressively going toward the goal
Tagg scoring a goal early in his game 
Coach Hurst attempting to harness Tagg's passion... Tagg takes it personally when the other team scores.
Tagg channeling his emotion into a defensive slide tackle 
Taggart sizing up the goal as the game comes to a close... and SCORING!
Ryder continues to focus on his ball handling and offensive skills. Tagg still loves playing defense and has really mastered the slide tackle.