Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ryder vs. JJ or Broncos vs. Colts

JJ and Sarah had tickets to the Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday. Ryder took that as a challenge.Once he had his jersey, yes complete jersey, was game time.
We are still trying to figure out what game Ryder was playing. We don't know who had more fun running around.
Ryder may have won his game but the Broncos did not fair as well with the Colts.

JJ Visit

JJ Mollenkopf and Sarah White visited for the weekend. We had an outstanding Saturday hike.
Ryder loved leading on the hike and having a new pal, JJ.
JJ took some great photos and did his best to wear Ryder out.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mesa Trail Hike

A family hike on Mesa Trail in Boulder was just what we all needed and wanted.
The weather was incredible but we may have been a little ambitious.

If you think Ryder looks exhausted you should have seen Wilson.Funny how both boys got a burst of energy towards the end of the trek once we mentioned lunch.

Football fan

Yesterday, Ryder had an opportunity to watch his first football game as we (Ryder, Daddy and Papa Leveque) headed to campus to watch the University of Colorado Buffaloes host the University of Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors.
Ryder was not too interested in tailgating (to our dismay) and wanted to head into the stadium.....really early. Daddy and Papa both commented that it may have been the earliest they have ever been in the stadium.
We soon found out why Ryder was so interested in getting into the stadium.....His first words once we sat down were, "Where is Ralphie?" Well soon enough, Ralphie ran onto the field.
Between Ralphie running, the F-16 flyover and the view of the mountains it was an incredible experience for all of us. Even more happy now that we have season tickets for the family.
CU was victorious......31 to 13.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer Fan

Yesterday, Ryder had an opportunty to watch his first soccer match as we (Ryder, Daddy and Papa Leveque) headed down to Colorado Springs to watch the Colorado College Tigers host the #3 ranked Carnegie Mellon University Tartans coached by cousin Arron Lujan.We showed early so Ryder could warm up with the team. Check out cousin/coach Lujan in the background.
Carnegie Mellon got out to an early 3-0 lead allowing Arron to appreciate his homecoming back to his alma mater.
Ryder really enjoyed spending time with Uncle Lance and Aunt Judi.
Yep, that's right, Ryder did take a moment in the middle of the match to read books with Aunt Judi. What makes it more impressive is that it was books on baseball??After the match Ryder was happy as Carnegie Mellon won 3-1 but he felt back for Colorado College as he did like the Tiger mascot. He paid tribute by giving a big tiger roar as we left.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tagg's 2nd Birthday cont'd

Nana and Papa Leveque joined the celebration. Taggart (and Ryder) loved it. Papa was immediately tasked with toy assembly.
We cannot believe Tagg is already 2!

Tagg's 2nd Birthday

The three day celebration of Tagg's birthday was quite eventful. Eating chocolate donuts to start the day may have been a mistake??
The hike later that day was necessary to help wear him out. Don't worry, he wasn't in the pack the entire time. The actual birthday celebration/party the next day was a blast.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Children's Museum

Before our flight back to Colorado, we headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The boys enjoyed hanging out with Grandmother for the day.
The dinosaur exhibit was impressive but may have been a little overwhelming. Mommy really wanted us all to spend time in the Barbie exhibit.
Since we were in Indy, we had to find a race car to offset Mommy's interest in Barbie.

The Indianapolis Children's Museum is incredible. We needed way more than the 2.5 hours.

Little Rascals

Ryder and Bryson enjoyed spending time together again. They are great friends.
Ryder, Bryson, Emery and Taggart enjoyed ice cream after an eventful day at the lake.
It was great to see all the kids spending time together & Eme and Tagg getting to know one another better. They are all great little friends even though they often times act like little rascals.

Tubing on Lake James

Tubing on Lake James.....
Bryson and Ryder enjoyed tubing with Brian. It was so much fun that Emery decided to join in.
Danielle took it easy on them.
Taggart looked on eager for his year!

Purdue vs. Notre Dame

While in town, Mommy and Daddy snuck away to go to South Bend, IN for the Purdue vs. Notre Dame football game. Unfortunatley, Purdue was not victorious on this day.

Great Grandma Behymer

The boys enjoyed spending time with Great Grandma Behymer in East Lansing, MI. They even joined in for a great family picture.

The boys were a little confused when they saw a giant duck wearing Michigan State gear at the restaurant.....Isn't their mascot a Spartan?

Go Boilers!

Catch & Release

Both Ryder and Taggart caught their first fish over the Labor Day holiday on Lake James in Angola, IN.
Both didn't know what to do with the Bluegill on the end of their lines.