Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryder

Yesterday was Ryder's 5th birthday!
He was so excited and has been counting down for months.
Tagg helping Ryder
Tagg was a great little brother who joined in the celebration.

Its hard to tell what Ryder (they) enjoyed more....the anticipation, the presents or the cake.

It is amazing how quickly five years have passed. We are so proud of Ryder and have really enjoyed watching him grow up.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Football in the backyard

Taggart in a modified heisman pose
Ryder & Taggart love sports. Right now, they are really excited to put on their jerseys and helmets and get out in the yard. Unfortunately, they like the Boilermakers, Buffalos and Broncos.

To make the experience more exciting, we actually painted a small field in the back yard. The boys like it but requested that Daddy paint a CU Buffalo logo in the middle of the field. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Heavy hearts in the Hutton Family as we said goodbye to our beautiful Golden Retriever, Wilson, yesterday. He was the most loyal friend we've ever had. Wilson, we will never forget the day you came into our lives. Now, we will never forget the day we had to say goodbye. We were lucky to love him and to have him love us. He taught us more than we ever taught him. He was an incredible companion, confidant, friend and family member who will not be replaced.
Ryder and Taggart are doing well but already miss him. Mommy and Daddy may not be doing as well as the boys.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ryder & Tagg Birthday Party - I

Thirty-four wheels, 17 helmets, 15 adults, and 2 happy little boys celebrating their birthdays.

Taggart Payne = September 12th
Ryder Cade = October 24th
Name plates for the bikes
The bicycle theme was a hit...everyone was excited to put their name plate and bells on their bikes.
Taggart & Ryder couldn't wait for everyone to arrive.
The ultimate treat/surprise awaited while all the children rode around. Abbott, Bennett, Campbell, Collin, Delaney, Grayton, Hannah, Henry, Holly, Jack, Jon, Kate, Maddie, Parker, Reis, Ryder, Taggart, and Tyler couldn't wait for the cupcakes.

Mommy did an outstanding job planning, coordinating and pulling off the party at Louisville Community Park.

Ryder & Tagg Birthday Party - II

The dirt track and obstacle course provided lots of fun, a few bumps and bruises and tons of excitement.

The pizza and cupcakes hit the spot as the kids devoured everything before heading back out to play again.

Ryder & Tagg Birthday Party - III

Taggart celebrated his third birthday while.....

Ryder celebrated his fifth birthday.

They had so much fun celebrating together.
Ryder & Tagg high fiving

Happy Birthday Boys!