Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ski Weekend with Uncle Ryan & Kate - III

We had a great weekend in the mountains. What made it extra special was having Uncle Ryan and Kate in town. 
Kate, Ryan, Ryder, Scott, Taggart, Courtney & Tim
 Ryder, Taggart and Piper already miss Ryan and Kate sooo much.

Taggart's First Ski Jump

Ski Weekend with Uncle Ryan & Kate - II

Time to hit the slopes...
Taggart & Ryder patiently waiting
Ryder took the opportunity to push the pace early on
Tagg spending time with Mommy & Daddy practicing
Tagg gaining confidence as he goes through a few trees
Ryder challenging Tagg....while everyone watches
Tagg accepting the challenge and blowing by Ryder after he falls...he never looked back!

Ski Weekend with Uncle Ryan & Kate - I

 Upon arrival in Beaver Creek, we all headed for the village to go ice skating.
Ice Skating in Beaver Creek Village
Piper, Nana & Papa sitting by the fire pit watching everyone ice skate
Ever the competitors, Ryder and Tagg racing on the ice
Kate, Courtney and Ryan