Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ski vacation with the Cardinal's - II

Bryson, Emery, Ryder and Taggart had a blast in ski school while the Mommy's and Daddy's enjoyed some tranquility in the mountains and on the slopes. We are all looking forward to the next family ski vacation.
The Cardinal's first time on the slopes
The Russell's and King's were in town so Courtney hit the slopes with Sonja and Jeni
One small lift for a man, one giant leap for the two new skiers
The entire Hutton & Cardinal crew

Ski Vacation with Cardinal's - I

We just wrapped up and awesome family vacation to Breckenridge with the Cardinal's. It was so much fun to have all six kids under one roof.

Taggart's first official day up on the mountain
Ryder continues to progress through ski school
Tagg strives to catch his brother on the slopes
Apres ski

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Piper's Crawling

Piper's crawling....At the beginning of the New Year and a little over eight months old, she decided that it was time to move. 

Shortly after crawling, she pulled herself up in her crib and just stood there holding on for dear life. Time to lower the mattress in the crib!

Piper is still a baby but we are shocked at how fast she is progressing. Ryder & Taggart better watch out.

Piper w Nana & Papa at Christmas

Piper enjoyed spending Christmas with Nana & Papa Leveque... and Mommy, Daddy, Ryder & Taggart. Piper had a great first Christmas!
Piper at eight months

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Team Hutton Values

As Team Hutton begins 2013, we will have a renewed focus on our core values. Courtney & Scott created (with assistance from Nana & Papa Leveque and Grandma Hutton) to assist in defining and reinforcing for Ryder, Taggart, and Piper (and Courtney & Scott). 
Team Hutton Family Values
Courtney surprised the family by having this board created, as a Christmas present, so we can reference and hang in the kids play area.