Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ryder, look over there. Now that he is preoccupied I am going for the bread. I am barely able to see over the steering wheel but my hunger motivates me to overcome. I think I liked the shopping experience more than my big brother.

Brotherly Love

Brotherly love.... Tagg is infatuated with his big brother. He watches his every move and laughs hysterically whenever Ryder pays attention to him.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Night out at Red Rocks.....sans boys

Big Head Todd and The Monster at Red Rocks
Mommy and Daddy were able to sneak away for a night out at Red Rocks. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fire Dept. cont'd

Ryder got to help with a fire hose. Tagg he just patiently observed and waited until we got hom to take both Fireman helmets and begin playing without his brother.

Fire Dept.

The Boulder Rural Fire Department had an open house/festival today. Ryder was prepared and decided to wear his fireman helmet. Ryder was amazed by the helicopter which landed just feet from us.
He was so excited to get inside but not too happy that I would not let him touch any of the controls.

Momma Said Knock You Out

We certainly hope Ryder does not select Boxing as a hobby. He is not even three and has now had two cuts above/around his left eye. He is a tough little guy but seems to lead with his head.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother and Sons

Ryder and Tagg enjoyed spending time playing outside with Mommy.

What in the hell is Ryder doing watering the driveway?

Pool Time

Summer's here. So off to the pool we went. Ryder and Tagg had a blast. Ryder is now taking private swim lessons once a week and attending a summer swim camp two days a week.

Deja el rodillo

Deja el rodillo (translation, let's roll). Taggart was obviously unimpressed by Ryder's maturity and generosity with the monkeys and seemed ready to depart. After all, Tagg does not use a pacifier and he definitely doesn't know what a nini is.

Once Ryder jumped in, Tagg actually laughed.

We may have our hands full in the future! Two very different personalities......

Au Revoir Pacifiers

Ryder decided that it was time to get rid of the pacifier that he sleeps with. He said that big boys don't need pacifiers (or nini's as he has always called it???) and big boys don't cry.

So off they went, headed to the zoo to give his pacifiers to baby animals who need it. On the way he debated as to whether the monkeys, giraffes or rhinoceros' would be the lucky selection. Well as he walked the Denver Zoo and saw all the animals, it hit him.....monkeys.

After a kind Zoo employee heard Ryder's request and took the pacifiers it was time for quiet relection........doubt.......regret.......

FYI.... Ryder has done great and been a champ. Only one real blow up.


Ryder really likes baseball at the moment. He called Daddy at work and asked if he could take him to get a baseball mitt when he got home. Now the nightly occurrence is to play catch.


Tagg.....sweet dreams
Ryder.....sweaty dreams? Oh yeah, that is a baseball glove in his bed.