Friday, July 24, 2009


Now that Tagg is mobile, Ryder and Wilson hid and played dead so that he would not bother them.

Crawling and Pulling Up

Today was a big day. Tagg has officially begun crawling. Check out the action photo. The facial expression has us a little concerned.Now that he is mobile, he is checking everything out from different vantage points. Pulling himself up (also new) seems to be his latest interest.
You may not be able to see them in this picture but Tagg also has two teeth. July has been an incredible month of development and progress.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fourth of July - Golfing

Ryder still loves golf and could not wait to get out on the course at Long Cove Club.
Taggart was just happy to have a golf ball to play with while everyone waited for Ryder to hit the ball.

Fourth of July - Family Pool Time

Ryder has really become quite comfortable in the water and really enjoyed swimming with Mommy. Taggart, well he just seems to laugh at all of us. Truth be told, Tagg is the water baby.

Fourth of July - Pool Time

Ryder showed off his new found swimming skills.

Fourth of July - Fireworks on the Boat

Uncle Ryan, Mommy and Taggart enjoyed the fireworks. Yes, it was way past bedtime, especially Ryan's.

Ryder showed Nana and Mommy how he has the whole "CHEESE" thing down regardless of the time of day. He may have eaten too many marshmallows, evidenced by his excitement so late at night.

Fourth of July - Picture Time

Dressed in white and khaki we all headed to the beach for an annual family photo session.

Fourth of July - Disappointment

Taggart was disappointed when he learned that he was not big enough to ride on the boat. Learning that he could not go in the pool alone, go play golf and/or go kayaking broke his heart.

Fourth of July - Dock

After a day on the boat, we decided to pull up the crab pots on the dock. Ryder liked the idea but was a little concerned when he actually saw the crabs.

Fourth of July - Boat

Ryder patiently waited for everyone to return from lunch. Yes, he did wear his life preserver/jacket (see next photo).
Papa let Ryder captain the boat after lunch.

Fourth of July - Lunch at The Boathouse

Nana and Taggart chose to skip the boat trip and drove to meet us at The Boathouse for lunch. Tagg really enjoyed the lemons???
Papa and Ryder couldn't wait to end lunch and get back to the boat.

Fourth of July - Dolphin Search

Ryder wanted to get out on the boat as soon as we arrived in Hilton Head Island. His main objective, finding dolphins.
Mission accomplished. Two dolphins came up to the boat, much to Ryder's delight.

Fourth of July - Ryder at Beach

Ryder began by boogie boarding.

Then he moved on to work on a Stonehenge replica on the beach.

Fourth of July - Mommy at Beach

Beach time with Mommy!