Friday, April 23, 2010

Tagg's First Haircut

Time for Taggart to get his first haircut.

Just in case Taggart cried and created a scene, Ryder wore his sunglasses so he would not be recognized.
Afterwards, both chilled and compared notes on their haircuts. Then headed to Lamar's Donuts for a treat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

The Easter egg hunt was Tagg's favorite part of the day. He thought is was hilarious that he could shake the eggs and then find a surprise inside.
Since the boys could not find the Easter Bunny or any signs of its coming and going, they decided to put on their new Easter gifts (costumes) and act as if someone called in the Police and Fire Department to look for the Easter Bunny.
After a few more jelly beans, they decided to call off the search.

Easter Tears

You would think the Easter Bunny was Santa Claus....Taggart could not control his emotions when it came time to go to bed. The anticipation of Easter morning was too much.

Easter Prep

Before any good Easter prep effort, one must sit out side (in the new chairs from Nana & Papa), enjoy the weather and eat strawberries in whipped cream.
Then run inside to begin dying the eggs.


Taggart smiles so hard it looks like it hurts. His personality is about as large as his smile.

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo
"What is that"?
"I don't know but I am going in for a closer look".