Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Day in the Rocky Mntn Nat'l Park - II

We had a great time hiking and really enjoyed the Fall weather and colors in the mountains.
The Elk were everywhere and extremely close. It was amazing.
 Courtney and Piper look so peaceful. You can't even tell that two little boys are running around acting crazy trying while the Elk nearby bugle and walk amongst us in the forest.
 A new Team Hutton family tradition...Fall in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

A Day in the Rocky Mntn Nat'l Park - I

Today, we headed into the Rocky Mountain National Park via the Peak to Peak Highway and up through Estes Park, CO.
We wondered if we would see many Elk....We came upon this one within 2 minutes of entering the Park. We all sat in amazement as he sat there bugling.
 The boys enjoyed exploring and attempting to replicate the sound a Bull Elk makes when bugling. The didn't have much practice and were not successful at attracting any Elk, fortunately.
 It was one of the few times we got outdoors since Piper was born. It was long overdue and great for us all.
Ryder, Courtney, Piper and Taggart

Piper's Fall Fashion

Mommy is trying to influence Piper early. At the first sign of Fall, she began breaking out the hats.
Piper seemed to like it, Daddy and the boys are a little concerned.

Piper Eating

Piper has officially tried solids....or shall we say a food that has more consistency than milk.

Don't allow this photo to fool you, as it wasn't that pleasant.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tagg's Birthday Party

On Friday night, we had Tagg's fourth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's in Louisville. He and his friends had a blast.
Enjoying pizza

Posing for pictures with Chuck

Saying goodbye after a great night

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Tagg

Happy Birthday Tagg, who turned 4 today. Its amazing how quickly our little boy has grown up.
Tagg up early to begin his birthday
 We still don't know what was must fun...opening presents, celebrating at school, assembling the presents, playing with the presents, talking with family or eating the cake.
Forget the candle, lets eat some cake
 Tagg had a great birthday and enjoyed celebrating with the entire family. Piper still doesn't know what to make of this and Ryder can't believe he still has to wait over 40 days for his birthday. Mommy is so excited that her birthday is next.
Team Hutton celebrating T's bday

College Football

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Ryder & Taggart were excited for the first home football game at CU. Unfortunately, CU doesn't look very good this year so Ralphie may be the big least for these two little boys.