Thursday, November 26, 2009

Book Time

Book time with the boys is a little more active than in the past. Ryder prefers Super Hero books while Tagg prefers Diego books. Unfortunately, they want to read together and at the same time. We are just fortunate that both love books.

Thanksgiving Day

Hutton family Thanksgiving Day festivities.......
.....and more active festivities.....

Movie Theatre

Ryder's third Thanksgiving day will be one he remembers for years as we took him to his first movie at the theatre.
Grandma, Daddy and Ryder saw Planet 51. He loved it and yes, he ate way too much popcorn.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mountain Men

It snowed over the weekend so the boys found a way to get to the mountains. Ryder was enamored by the snowboarders, Tagg thought the snow was funny and Daddy just enjoyed it and looks forward to getting them both on the slopes.

Loving bath

Ryder and Taggart look forward to bath time and actually play well, that is when Ryder shares his super hero toys (that's Flash in Tagg's hand).

Look, No Feet!

Ryder has really taken to his Strider bike. Yes, you are seeing it correctly, the bike has no pedals.
Fortunately, he has not yet attempted to ride it no handed.

This photo was taken prior to him announcing, "I am going to jump the curb". Let's just say that he did jump the curb and landed it but without having anywhere to place his feet for support he had a hard landing.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Trick or Treating

The Dynamic Duo ~ Batman (Ryder) and Robin (Taggart) the Boy Wonder ready for the evening festivities.
The Joker (Papa Leveque), Batman, Robin and Spiderman/dog (Wilson) hit the streets of Louisville.


Ryder and Taggart enjoyed carving pumpkins with Nana & Papa Leveque.
An early snow storm made it a little interesting to decorate for Halloween but Papa was creative and created a snow pumpkin.