Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soccer Practice

Ryder loves sports. His first official organized activity is soccer. This week he attended his first soccer practice at Boulder Indoor Soccer. He did great. Watching him sit with the coach and stretch is absolutely hilarious. Funny thing..... he showed great patience, listening skills and willingness to do what he was asked..... just the opposite of time at home.

Hot Dogs and S'mores

Towards the end of the trip we decided to end the day by building a fire and roasting hot dogs for dinner (kids only). After hot dogs, we made s'mores (enjoyed by all).

We don't know if it was the fact that dinner was over, bedtime was next, they were all worn out and/or that it was the end of the vacation......lot's of tears and crying to end it all.

Taggart's One

As we posted while on vacation, Taggart celebrated his first birthday while on vacation. He ate it up....obviously the cake but to our surprise he also really liked the attention.
Then it all ended......
Wait! "Where is everyone going?

Back at the Lake

Back at the lake, the boys needed to ease into the day so they sat together and watched cartoons.
Once they got going, it was an eventful day playing in the water.
Taggart and Emery joined in the fun. Since Ryder and Bryson decided to take a shower outside, we decided to let Tagg and Eme take a bath in the baby pool. They both thought it was as odd as it was.

Great Grandma Behymer

Next, we headed north to Michigan to spend time with Great Grandma Behymer. She and Tagg enjoyed meeting and spending time together in advance of his first birthday.

Cardinal's Lake House

The next part of our vacation was to head to the Cardinal's lake house.
After catching up and watching the kids play, it was time for Bryson to show Ryder one of his favorite things to do at the lake......
That's right, get in the tube behind the boat. Of course, Mommy was a little nervous but Ryder didn't hesitate to jump in.
Brian took it easy on them even though we heard faint little voices saying "go faster".

Grandma's House

We started our Fall vacation by visiting Grandma Hutton in Indiana. Ryder enjoyed playing with her.
Oddly enough, Ryder thought it would be a good idea to remove his shirt and roll around in the yard??? Daddy made sure everyone knew this was a first. The humidity not only made the little guy sweaty, it brought out the curl in his hair.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taggart's First Birthday

September 12, 2009.....Taggart is officially one year old!
We celebrated at the Cardinal's lake house and really appreciated all of their efforts to make his first birthday so special. FYI....he loved the cake, unlike his brother.

More photos to follow when we return from vacation.

Forward Facing

Tagg has officially progressed to the forward facing car seat. The two brothers like sitting side by side and sharing their toys......or should we restate it that Ryder likes being able to take Tagg's toys when ever he wants. Let's just say that he really likes taking Tagg's blanket and making him cry.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taggart's Baptism

Today, Taggart Payne Hutton was baptized at St. Louis Catholic Church in Louisville, CO.
Godfather Ryan Leveque and Godmother Megan Niles along with Deacon Ron joined in the post baptism family photo.

Baptism Day Hug

Everyone put on their Sunday best as we headed to St. Louis Catholic Church in Louisville, CO for Taggart's baptism. Ryder was so proud of his little brother that he gave him a big hug before we headed out.

Labor Day Weekend Hike

Since Megan Niles and Ryan Leveque were in town for Taggart's baptism we decided to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather.
We headed to Chautauqua Park and hit the trails with kids in tow.

Blue Chair

Taggart has realized that crawling brings a new found freedom. Along with that freedom comes exploration. Tagg decided that it is now time to take over Ryder's blue chair now that he is a big boy.

New Home or Motor Speedway?

Before moving any furniture into the new home, the boys decided to make it a racetrack.

Don't Leave Wilson

Moving isn't always easy. Tagg was definitely checking the house one last time to make sure nothing was left behind......Where is Wilson?