Sunday, July 29, 2012

24 Hours in Breck

Team Hutton headed to Breckenridge, CO for a little weekend get away....also, it was Piper's first time in the mountains. Unfortunately, Friday night was not one of Piper's better nights (i.e. slept in 20-30 segments)! When considering another sleepless night for the family, we decided to accelerate the weekend get away and do everything in 24 hours.

 With little to no sleep, we started the day with a leisurely bike ride into town for a coffee pick me up.
 Then Ryder, the aspiring Tour rider, started looking for hills to practice his hill climbing skills....
 This eventually led him to challenge his brother to a sprint finish. Tagg opted to not ride the pedal bike and was shockingly fast on the Stryder.
A quick gondola ride to the base of Peak 8. Piper's first ride on a gondola, even though she slept through it.
  Good quality family time relaxing at the base of Peak 8.
 Yes, Daddy was there...
After lunch, a family hike. Again, a first for Piper (and she was awake for this first).
Piper and Mommy hiking in the amongst all the spruce, fir and lodge pole pine trees. 
Taggart, Piper and Ryder on a ski lift to end the hike and quick weekend get away.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Piper Rolling Over

Our three month old little girl is starting to roll over. 

Quiet Time???

Piper enjoying some quiet, alone time...
 That was short lived....Ryder and Taggart enjoying some time with their little sister...which equates to lots of noise, motion, laughter and chaos.

Bikes & Ice Cream

Tagg enjoying two of his favorite things....riding his bike and eating ice cream!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tagg Pedaling

Taggart is moving on from the Stryder and beginning to pedal on his big boy bike. He is so excited to try to keep up with his brother. 
Daddy and Tagg went to Fireside Elementary to get some one on one practice time on Saturday (captured below). 
No doubt he will have it all figured out in the coming days.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HHI Summer Vacation - part 9

Team Hutton had an incredible vacation at Nana & Papa Leveque's in Hilton Head Island, SC. Thank you Tim & Jill. We cannot wait for our next visit and adventure in HHI.
Daddy enjoying pool time with the boys

Everyone enjoying Piper and Piper enjoying the attention
Tagg acting silly and bringing a smile to everyone

Ryder growing up before our eyes while being a great big brother

HHI Summer Vacation - part 8

 Ryder and Tagg had immediately began building a sand castle.
 It was Piper's first time at the beach. Mommy enjoyed hanging with Piper but couldn't stay out of the water.
 Ryder and Tagg enjoyed a full day of beach fun....They are becoming more adventuresome in the water.

Nothing better after a full day than a little beach football with your best friend and brother.

HHI Summer Vacation - part 7

Pirates of Hilton Head! Nana & Papa surprised Daddy, Uncle Ryan, Ryder and Tagg with a pirate adventure on the Black Dagger. We were in search of Stinky Pete and needed to retrieve the keys to the treasure chest.
 Daddy and Uncle Ryan regretted not opting for the tattooed, moustache and goatee look of our little pirates, Ryder the Rebel & Shark Tooth Tagg.

Ryder (above) and Tagg (below) took aim with the water cannons and drenched Stinky Pete into submission.
Ryder took those advanced water cannon skills and applied them later in the pool.
Tagg took a break from the cannons to replicate Ryder's submariner approach.
The boys really enjoy the water...obviously. The biggest concern is that they seem to forget to come up for air.

HHI Summer Vacation - part 6

Out of the boat....that how we spent the majority of the day. Uncle Ryan, Ryder & Taggart all taking turns captaining the boat. Fortunately for Papa, Uncle Ryan didn't need to sit on his lap.
Taggart was on lookout as his top priority was to spot a dolphin.
 He was successful as we had two different dolphins come up to the boat to spend time with us...Unfortunately, Taggart informed us afterward that neither was the dolphin he was looking for from last year...the dolphin known as "smiley".
 The ride home from lunch at the Boathouse was fast and furious as we were getting off the water before the summer showers hit.

HHI Summer Vacation - part 5

Uncle Ryan and Kate arrived at the end of the day. Uncle Ryan had not yet met Piper and Team Hutton had not yet met Kate. We are certain that Piper and Kate may have felt a little overwhelmed....then again, maybe not.
 Nana Leveque with Piper.
 Papa Leveque with Piper.
Mommy and Daddy....enjoyed everyone else holding Piper.

HHI Summer Vacation - part 4

Piper and Mommy finally made it into the pool....figuring they were safe since Taggart had dropped the water gun.
 Daddy's time with Piper did not go unnoticed and unspoiled....the results of the water gun are visible as Taggart hit is target....the back of Daddy's head (notice how he skillfully misses Piper).
The culprit was heard and seen laughing hysterically poolside.
 After the water gun was removed from action, all of the boys decided to spoil Piper with a little love and attention...we didn't ask her but from the photo it looks like it may have been a little too much.

Family vacation photo op in the pool.
Daddy and Ryder in the water....don't try that at home....yes, we did throw the camera into the air to capture the end of the day in the pool
Ryder was so happy swimming all day.

HHI Summer Vacation - part 3

Pool day...Piper (although she didn't know it), Taggart and Ryder couldn't wait to spend the day at the pool while we waiting for Uncle Ryan to show up.
 Piper was prepared for the water but maybe not so prepared for her brothers.
 Taggart immediately engaged any willing participant in a water gun war....some unwilling participants and bystanders ultimately became part of the fun.

He became quite skilled with the water gun...attacking when people least expected it.
Ryder took the submariner approach and spent most of the time under water.
Piper was protected by Mommy & Daddy.

HHI Summer Vacation - part 2

As soon as we arrived at Nana & Papa Leveque's house, we headed to the Long Cove Yacht Club Marina to prepare for the Fourth of July fireworks and to enjoy the cook out.
The boys enjoyed helping Papa prep for the party while looking for dolphins and crabs....they happened to notice a big boat or two.
Piper, Mommy & Nana joined later as Piper had two significant life events in one day....her first flight, then her first time on a boat. 

 Happy Fourth of July!