Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ryder's 3rd Birthday

Ryder was so excited all day to celebrate his 3rd birthday.
Nana & Papa Leveque flew in for the party. Ryder and Tagg were both so excited to see them.
The toys and gifts were great but the rice kripy treats were awesome!

Unfortunately, with Courtney having the flu we had to cancel Ryder's actual party at the Boulder Indoor Cycling facility so we look forward to that in the coming weeks.

Soccer Practice

The day before his 3rd birthday, Ryder decided to take Daddy to soccer practice.Practice started with a little stretching.....Ryder may be a little like Daddy, not too flexible.
Practicing his ball control and dribbling skills....
Shot on goal....

Ryder likes all sports but is definitely showing interest in soccer. May Cousin Arron needs some young talent at Carnegie Mellon??


What a week.... unfortunately, Courtney was ill all week with the flu. The boys didn't want any part of that and decided to take precaution.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Bedtime routine.....Forget reading books only to Ryder. Taggart now wants to be in the middle of the night time routine.
Ryder likes having Taggart participate as long as it is in his room and we ready his books.

Pumpkin Patch....Again

The boys love the pumpkin patch. Daddy left work early on Friday so we could all go together. It was Daddy's first time this year, the rest of the family had already been twice.
Between the farm animals, corn field maze and actually pumpkins in the field the boys were all over the place.
Finally, they (Ryder) selected four. Word to the wise, make sure that they all stand up straight on a level surface. Ryder has little appreciation for this skill and now we have the best looking tilting pumpkins in the neighborhood.

Soccer Jersey

While on a recent trip to Spain, Daddy picked up great Spanish league soccer uniform. Ryder wore it with pride last week to his soccer practice.

Halloween prep

Ryder gave the Spiderman costume a try. Well, he loved it. Actually, he refused to remove it. Most little girls have a costume closet.... it looks as if our boys will create their own with Super Hero costumes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

The boys are both excited about Halloween. So much so that they already made one visit to the pumpkin patch. Still debating the Halloween costumes or should I say Ryder is telling Tagg what he will be. Odds on favorite at the moment......Ryder goes as Batman and Taggart goes as Robin.