Saturday, August 31, 2013

Road Race

Today was the Coal Creek Crossing Road Race in Louisville, CO. Ryder & Taggart both wanted to participate in the 1/2 Mile Kids Fun Run for 4-10 year olds.
Ryder and Taggart before the race
Ryder in the home stretch
Ryder crossing the finish line
Tagg in the home stretch
Tagg crossing the finish line
Mommy congratulating her two champions
Both boys did outstanding. Most importantly, they had fun, enjoyed the event and were good sports.

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

And they are off...Ryder and Taggart have officially started the school year. 
Piper, Ryder and Taggart sending Ryder off
Ryder began last Thursday...
Ryder started first grade at Fireside Elementary School
And Taggart began today.
Tagg started Jr. Kindergarten at St. Louis Catholic School
It really is amazing how quickly they are growing up...lots of emotions as Mommy and Daddy remind ourselves that this is going way too fast.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Team Hutton supporting Team BMC at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado.
Taggart, Daddy and Ryder

Tagg the cyclist

 After watching the USA Pro Cycling Challenge this week, Taggart was bound and determined to get out and ride. To commemorate the day, Ryder encouraged him to throw on the US Postal Service kit.
Daddy's last push for Tagg
One super excited and proud little cyclist
And around, and around, and around he went
Piper cheering Tagg on while patiently waiting her turn

Sunday Morning Bike & Hike

 We embarked on an early morning bike and hike on Sunday.
Ryder riding
Tagg showing his sprinting speed
Ryder sporting his Team BMC kit
Mommy helping Tagg after exerting a little too much on his sprints
Ryder, Tagg, Daddy and Piper chillin by the water after the hike

Daddy's Home

Daddy came home from a recent trip and was welcomed by his biggest admirer...Piper.

Obstacle Course

 Whether it is watching Mommy compete in the Tough Mudder, Dan Droy compete in the Muddy Buddy or American Ninja Warrior on TV, Team Hutton is really into obstacle courses this Summer.
On your mark...
And they're off...
Adding a little flair and creativity (or just being little boys)...
Cooling off.