Sunday, May 22, 2011


The boys latest game of chase involves the playground...
Until today, Ryder always got away by scaling the climbing wall...until today, Taggart couldn't do it without help...Tagg was more determined than ever...No matter how many times Ryder ran for the wall, Tagg followed...
Now Tagg just needs to spend some time on the slide or at least figuring out which way to go down and on which side...

Tennis II

Coach Paul even has Ryder picking up balls during the breaks...Then time for a little water...
Back at to work on the two hand backhand...
Ryder really enjoys tennis and is having a blast at lessons.

Tennis I

Ryder and Parker King at tennis lessons...Ryder focused and watching the ball make contact with his racket...
Follow through...

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Daddy brought the boys FC Barcelona jerseys back from his recent trip to Spain....which they have attempted to wear every single day.Now, they seem to be practicing their goal celebrations.
Gooooooooooooaaal! Gooooooooooooaaal! Futbol Gol!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Ryder and Taggart could not wait to celebrate Mother's Day. They got up early (nothing new there) gave Mommy her card, a rose and then raced off with Daddy to get donuts. Then they wished Mommy well as she departed for her day at the spa.

Tennis Lessons

Ryder and Parker King hydrating after tennis lessons.Ryder is really enjoying much so that he even listens and waits patiently. He does not realize that he is demonstrating that ability.
Avoiding being hit by the tennis balls ("crossing the river") brought out his competitive spirit and unknown agility.
Upon winning the competition he received high fives, hugs and kisses from the other kids.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brothers Playing Basketball

The boys jumped out of bed and wanted to play basketball first thing this morning.Somehow, Ryder has convinced Tagg that he should shoot while Tagg rebounds. Taggart was so proud that he kept screaming, "I got a REBOUND"....then he pointed to his sweatshirt and said, "I am the MVP". Ryder laughed and said, "you can't even dribble"....that is brotherly love.