Saturday, April 27, 2013

Piper's 1st Birthday

Our beautiful little baby girl, Piper, turned 1 on Friday.
Piper with her new baby doll
 Daddy stated it best on Friday morning when he stated the following... "Happy 1st Birthday to our little baby girl, Piper! A year ago, I was told that being a Father changes you forever but being a Father to a Daughter makes you a better man! All three children have so positively impacted me but the last year is extremely special. Love you Piper."
Daddy & Piper
 Mommy is loving every minute... Piper is and will always be a little fashionista. Mommy is certain that Team Hutton and the Hutton household needs less testosterone and will continue to introduce as much girly stuff as possible.
Mommy & Piper
 Piper had a great birthday and weekend. We celebrated with friends and neighbors with lots of kids and energy....Piper loved it. 

We all watched and waited to see if Piper would be interested in her birthday cake. After a few seconds she went for it and didn't stop until the majority of the cake was gone. 
 Then to either spite us or just demonstrate that she was done, she decided to place the plate with what was left of her cake on top of her head.
 When it was all done, we had one really tired little girl who experienced her birthday party the same way she experiences every day....with lots of passion, energy, excitement and love.

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IndieEscape said...

First birthday cake murders are classic! I'm a regular reader of your blog and i'm happy to see Piper growing so fast!