Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garden of the Gods

We spent Mother's Day afternoon hiking in the Garden of the Gods with the Lance, Heather, Eli and Ryann Lujan. It was spectacular.

Mother's Day

Four generations celebrated Mother's Day 2009 in Colorado Springs.

Ryder and Taggart enjoyed spending time with their second cousins: Ryann Lujan, Linley Lujan and Eli Lujan (left to right). We were all in Colorado Springs to celebrate Grandmother Osborn's 85th birthday and Arron Lujan's induction into the Colorado College Athletic Hall of Fame.


Ryder enjoying the dandelions, view and open space.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Look

The "look"......enough said.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Ryder really wants to hike and would like to do it on his own, believe us he lets us know constantly. Yet, to increase our range and ability to explore we purchased a pack to carry either Ryder or Tagg. On this day we headed out near the South Foothills Trailhead. Daddy took a couple days to recover from carrying the extra weight and dealing with the dried fruit and trail mix that Ryder dumped down the back of his shirt while on the hike. We are a long way from being experts at this!

House Guests

Last weekend Matt Meyer stayed with us as he drove from San Diego to Minneapolis. Yes, its a long drive but Matt was not alone. He was traveling with Lucy the puppy GoldenDoodle and Lilly the lizard.
Wilson warmed up to Lucy and really enjoyed having a buddy around.
I don't think anyone warmed up to poor Lilly.
It was great having another Memphis friend visit us in Colorado.

Mobiles are for babies

Tagg was caught red handed as he disassembled his crib mobile. Yes, we do believe Ryder may have assisted. Good thing we were moving him to the crib aquarium!

Great finish to a great weekend

The weekend started with an unexpected snow storm but ended beautifully. After the kids went to bed, we all enjoyed a glass of wine and enjoyed this incredible sunset on the back porch.

Play at Park

Hutton boys hard at play at Chautauqua Park in South Boulder.

Courtney and Danielle enjoy the afternoon with Taggart and Emery. Yes, Eme is pulling Tagg's had down over his eyes.

Park and Play

Lunch at Foothills Park in North Boulder....
.....more energy for afternoon wrestling, basketball and general craziness!

New Best Friends

We expected Ryder and Bryson to have a great time; Tagg and Eme? That was a different story. They seemed to get along very well.

Best Friends

I've missed you!
Ryder and Bryson may not have seen each other in eight months but they immediately hit it off; it was as if they were still neighbors and playing together every day.

Easter Bunny visits

Tagg's first Easter was so much fun. He still doesn't know what a Bunny is but loved the one he got in his Easter basket. As for Ryder, he knew what to expect and couldn't wait to complete the Easter egg hunt and show off one of the jelly beans he found. 

Easter Eggs

During Nana and Papa's visit we were able to celebrate Easter. Ryder loved coloring the eggs.