Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ryder's Basketball Season

Ryder had his best game yet.....this morning his team won 26 to 12. Ryder had 6 points and 9 steals (unfortunately, we didn't have the camera today). He definitely has fun, plays with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Check out a couple of video clips from this season.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas vacation in Hilton Head Island - V

We wrapped up the holiday vacation with the Annual Leveque Hutton Bowling Tournament.
 The boys had a blast....and didn't hurt anyone!
Courtney with Uncle Ryan enjoying the tournament as Uncle Ryan demonstrated his bowling prowess.
 The holiday vacation wore the boys out...

Christmas vacation in Hilton Head Island - IV

Before the vacation ended, we headed back to the beach as a family to enjoy the weather. Ryder and Taggart thought it would be a good opportunity to play football with Papa Leveque.
Tim being tackled by the boys

Taggart running for his life

Courtney and Tagg enjoyed walking in the sand with Papa

Christmas vacation in Hilton Head Island - III

Christmas Eve ended with the boys putting on there new holiday pj's (Taggart in spider man and Ryder in Captain America).
 Well, it actually ended with them doing there best "Dance Party USA" or "Super Hero Moves"....we still don't really know but had a good laugh.

Christmas vacation in Hilton Head Island - II

On Christmas Eve the boys built ginger bread houses.
 Prior to heading to church, we paused for a quick family photo.
 It was great spending the evening at St. Francis by the Sea. It's amazing to think that it was 3,717 days since Courtney and Scott were married in this church.

Christmas vacation in Hilton Head Island - I

We started the Christmas trip to Hilton Head Island by heading to the beach. 
Jill and Courtney enjoy watching the boys
The weather was incredible and the boys really enjoyed playing....the only complaint was that they couldn't go swimming

Ryder and Courtney in the water

Tagg and Scott head to the water

Tagg & Ryder decide to wrestle in the water

Ryder trying to splash the birds on the beach