Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ski Vacation - V

Ryder finally made it to the top of the kids climbing hill. He was so excited. Then abruptly pushed off by one of the bigger kids....He laughed, brushed himself off and went back after it.
Daddy took advantage of some down time and hit the slopes. He was so excited to show Tagg and Ryder a little air....they really were not impressed.
The boys had a blast in the mountains and were so disappointed to be heading home today. We cannot wait to get back on the slopes as a family.

Ski Vacation - IV

Ski Vacation - III

Ryder's confidence and enthusiasm was challenged quickly. He handled this minor spill (don't mind the visual of an ACL tear, he had no issues) and rebounded quickly....
In a matter of minutes he was moving down the slope...He called this his "Superman"!
Nothing more exciting that a happy four year old who can't wait to share his ski school report card and tell stories about his day. :-)

Ski Vacation - II

Ryder's first official day of ski school had him already scoping out the chairlift and big mountain. To him ski school seemed like a formality.
Courtney had the morning free but could not stay away and was seen catching glimpses of Ryder in ski school.
He still couldn't figure out why they kept asking him to ride the "magic carpet" when it really didn't take him to far up the mountain.

Ski Vacation - I

As soon as we arrived at SolVista Basin, the boys ran to the balcony to see what they could do first.....
Sledding it was. Ryder was in hot pursuit of Mommy and Taggart.
Then we headed to the kids climbing hill, which was like a snow playground, to see who could get to the top first.
Next, Taggart decided it was time for a snowball fight.