Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annual Medtronic ST Neurosurgery Family & Friends Open House

Tagg & Piper enjoying a night at work with Daddy

Tagg practicing his neurosurgical spine surgery skills
Piper needing an additional step to reach the surgical navigation instruments

Piper's first dance recital

 A star is born...Piper had her first dance recital and loved it. 
Team Hutton was out in full force as we encouraged, supported and cheered Piper on...the boys even brought her flowers.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Colorado Thanksgiving 2015

Mesa Ct crew in the mountains for the Georgetown Loop Railroad

Historic Georgetown Loop Railroad
Grandma, Tiana, Zaniah and Aunt Cori
Team Hutton enjoying the views and ride
Grandma Hutton with her five Grandchildren
Turkey Trot in the snow
Post Turkey Trot turkey carving
Happy Thanksgiving
Ice skating with the Hutton, Lujan & Roman cousins
Cousins...Zaniah, Piper, Linley, Tiana, Ryann, Eli, Tagg & Ryder