Sunday, April 26, 2015

Piper's 3rd Birthday

 Team Hutton's princess turned 3 today.
 She brightens our days and approaches live with a passion, energy and excitement that inspires each of us. We are all so fortunate to have Piper as a daughter and sister.
Happy Birthday Piper!

Jefferson Street School welcoming P to celebrate her birthday
Waking early to open presents on her actual birthday
Piper, ever the fairy princess, painting at her birthday party
9 Fairies and 1 Peter Pan painting treasure chest
She must have cast a spell as they all sat quietly
Pipers friends made her birthday party extra special

The brothers, as Piper calls them, with Mommy enjoying her party 

Night at the Rockies Game

A great family outing last night to see the Colorado Rockies take on the defending World Champion San Francisco Giants at Coors Field. Unfortunately, the Rockies lost 5-4 in 11 innings. Fortunately, we had a blast and Piper survived her first professional sporting event.
It was great to connect with the Russell's and let the kids reconnect while cheering loudly for the home team.
Pregame meal at Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Denver...Piper has her game face on! 
Reis, Ryder, Piper, Delany, and Tagg
The Hutton's & Russell's cheering on the home team

Piper Playing Chess

Tuesday, April 7, 2015