Monday, June 13, 2016

Schools Out for Summer

Schools out for Summer! 

Ryder finished 3rd grade at Fireside Elementary.
Taggart finished 1st grade at Fireside Elementary.
Piper finished Preschool at Jefferson Street Preschool.

Each had a great year and enjoyed learning from Ms. Jill Ritchie (Ryder), Mr. Tom Lajeunesse (Tagg), and Mrs. Andrea, Ms. Bree, and Mr. Eli (Piper).

Last day of school photo

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hilton Head Island Vacation 2016

Annual Summer Vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC at Nana & Papa Leveque's.

Bike Rides to Breakfast...
Beach Cruisers for all
Breakfast at Sunrise Cafe in Palmetto Bay

Tagg showing Piper the beach upon arrival
Piper underestimating the waves
Ryder & Tagg telling shark attack stories
Tagg combing the beach for crabs

"Mommy, when are you getting in the pool?"

Look out below...
Attack with the water guns
The water guns have stopped now that Daddy captured these prisoners
Piper thanking Daddy for stopping "the brothers"
What? Piper is now on the water gun offensive.
Just another day for the Team Hutton 5
No Bedtime
Enough said. Uncle Ryan is in town.

Family photo
Piper & Mommy dancing
Piper & Daddy dancing.

Alligators, Snakes, Lizards, Rabbits and Chickens.

Tagg & Ryder hitting balls at the Long Cove Club practice center
Ben Blalock giving the boys (even Papa) instruction
Watching the next foursome tee off

Captain Ryder
Captain Taggart
Team Hutton enjoying time on the water
"Papa, go faster!"
Hold on Tagg
How fast are we going?
Beautiful HHI sunset on the boat
Wouldn't be a day on the boat without seeing some dolphins

Another incredible family experience and vacation.