Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Team Hutton hosted the Hutton - Lujan - Osborn Reunion Thanksgiving this week. What an incredible opportunity to have sixteen family members traveling in from California, Colorado, Indiana, and New Mexico covering four generations with ages ranging from 2 to 90. 
Grammy B meeting Piper Hutton and Paige Lujan for the first time made it extra special.

We are all so fortunate for having had this opportunity. Thanks to everyone and everything that made this family Thanksgiving possible.
Perfect way to begin the holiday weekend...smore's at the fire pit
Preparations complete...ready for all sixteen family members
Grammy B's place
The kids table
Courtney and Tiana staring Thanksgiving off with a jog on the mesa
Ryder & Tagg joining the neighborhood football game with the Comstock , Estes & Verseput families
Piper and Shay playing their own football game
Tagg always trying to escape from his big brother, Ryder
Courtney gathering the crew now that they have got an appetite
Zaniah, Aunt Cori and Tiana enjoying the Colorado weather
Tiana, Cori, Grandma Hutton, Courtney, Grammy B, and Aunt Judi
Lets carve that bird and let the festivities begin
Relaxing before the feast
Ready, set, go
Cousins... Cori, Arron and Scott
Piper meeting Grammy B for the first time this weekend
Grammy B with some of her great grandchildren
Grammy B, Tiana, Piper, Ryder, Zaniah, Taggart, Linley, and Paige

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