Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rockies vs. Cubs

Today was the first Team Hutton family (minus Piper) outing to Coors Field to watch the Colorado Rockies take on the Chicago Cubs. To start the day, the boys woke up to new baseball gloves and Rockies hats. 
Happy to be at the ball park
On any other day, we would have cheered for the Cubbies but today we all decided that we had to cheer for the home team. Go Rockies!
Enduring the heat...Tagg's poor little casted arm had to be hot
The boys were so excited to be there but slightly hot as the temperatures exceeded 90. The hot dogs and pizza seemed to make everything better.
Go Rockies!
An incredibly nice and generous family walked up and said they were leaving and wanted to know if we wanted their 4th row seats next to the dugout. This occurred right after a woman asked if the boys wanted a Troy Tulowitzki bobblehead.
Tagg and Courtney enjoying the view from the 4th row
Taggart was fortunate that Rockies first base coach Rene Lachemann spotted his cast and asked him to come down and talk to him between innings. Tagg was so excited.
Coach Lachemann asking Tagg about his arm and giving him a game ball
 As we left the game, Ryder said, "This is the best baseball day ever. We got new gloves, new Rockies hats, ate both hotdogs and pizza, seats next to the dugout, a bobblehead, a game ball and the Rockies won!"
Tagg and Ryder showing off the ball
 What an incredibly special day for the boys. One that we hope they will remember fondly for many, many years. Nothing better than watching two impressionable little boys take in the atmosphere at the ballpark. We are all looking forward to future games. 

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