Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HHI Summer Vacation - part 7

Pirates of Hilton Head! Nana & Papa surprised Daddy, Uncle Ryan, Ryder and Tagg with a pirate adventure on the Black Dagger. We were in search of Stinky Pete and needed to retrieve the keys to the treasure chest.
 Daddy and Uncle Ryan regretted not opting for the tattooed, moustache and goatee look of our little pirates, Ryder the Rebel & Shark Tooth Tagg.

Ryder (above) and Tagg (below) took aim with the water cannons and drenched Stinky Pete into submission.
Ryder took those advanced water cannon skills and applied them later in the pool.
Tagg took a break from the cannons to replicate Ryder's submariner approach.
The boys really enjoy the water...obviously. The biggest concern is that they seem to forget to come up for air.

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