Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break 2014 in Beaver Creek, CO - VI

Team Hutton had an epic 2014 ski season and Spring Break in Colorado.

We are so blessed and fortunate to live in Colorado, live in a great community, have incredible friends and have family nearby.

Spring Break 2014 in Beaver Creek, CO - V

Team Hutton skiing together


Spring Break 2014 in Beaver Creek, CO - IV

Team Hutton loves the mountains and had a blast this season and Spring Break!
Courtney and Papa having an entire run to themselves
Scott and Taggart riding the ski lift together
Scott, Papa and Courtney enjoying a beautiful ride up the lift
Ryder killing an amazing hot chocolate during apres ski 
Piper killing another s'more during her apres play 
Papa enjoying a cold Colorado microbrew to commemorate the day

Spring Break 2014 in Beaver Creek, CO - III

Ryder's tree skiing crash


Spring Break 2014 in Beaver Creek, CO - II

Meeting up with friends new and old in Vail, CO and Beaver Creek, CO
The King's and Hutton's

The Bruneau's and Hutton's
The Lardie's and Hutton's

Spring Break 2014 in Beaver Creek, CO - I

Enjoying a video on the drive to Nana & Papa Leveque's 
Piper trying to figure the snow thing out
Piper warming up to the snow
Wrestling and sliding down the hill

Monday, March 10, 2014

Growing Up Too Fast

As we near her 2nd birthday, we are realizing how quickly Piper is growing up! Its happening way too fast.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Team Hutton had a blast at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Learning is so much fun

Ryder explaining gems and minerals to Tagg
Everyone gets excited for dinosaurs
Piper getting a closer look
The many expressions of Tagg
Piper checking out the mirrors
Tagg & Ryder checking out the mirrors
The Hutton Three Tickling the Ivories 

Look Over Your Shoulder

Piper, always be looking over our shoulder
... because what you see may make you laugh
... and provide an opportunity to join in!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ski Weekend with Uncle Ryan & Kate - III

We had a great weekend in the mountains. What made it extra special was having Uncle Ryan and Kate in town. 
Kate, Ryan, Ryder, Scott, Taggart, Courtney & Tim
 Ryder, Taggart and Piper already miss Ryan and Kate sooo much.

Taggart's First Ski Jump


Ski Weekend with Uncle Ryan & Kate - II

Time to hit the slopes...
Taggart & Ryder patiently waiting
Ryder took the opportunity to push the pace early on
Tagg spending time with Mommy & Daddy practicing
Tagg gaining confidence as he goes through a few trees
Ryder challenging Tagg....while everyone watches
Tagg accepting the challenge and blowing by Ryder after he falls...he never looked back!

Ski Weekend with Uncle Ryan & Kate - I

 Upon arrival in Beaver Creek, we all headed for the village to go ice skating.
Ice Skating in Beaver Creek Village
Piper, Nana & Papa sitting by the fire pit watching everyone ice skate
Ever the competitors, Ryder and Tagg racing on the ice
Kate, Courtney and Ryan

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cheering the Broncos On!

Team Hutton cheering the Denver Broncos on as the win the AFC Championship and head on to the Super Bowl!

Cheering Mommy On!

Team Hutton had a blast cheering Mommy on as she competed in and completed The Arctic Prairie Dog Half Marathon and 10k in Louisville, CO. We came prepared and utilized screaming, clapping and cowbells!
Piper not interested in letting go of the cowbell

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Second Half of Basketball Season

Piper sitting with her big brothers waiting for their games to begin.
Tagg hitting a runner in the lane.
 Ryder nailing the open jumper.
 Ryder & Taggart are really enjoying basketball and beginning to show significant signs of development and growth. Most importantly, they are really developing some great life skills as they learning to work on a team, manage success & disappointment, play fair & be a good sport, and respecting others. All while appreciating an active lifestyle and developing a positive self-image.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Holiday

Team Hutton had an outstanding holiday!

Annual silly holiday photo before church
Our little angel with Nana & Papa Leveque at church
Kids getting the new holiday pj's the night before Christmas
Papa reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to the family
Piper was so excited and animated on Christmas morning
Taggart & Ryder comparing games
Piper smiling....
Nana & Papa helping with toy assembly

Papa, Tagg, Ryder and Daddy riding the lift up the mountain

Capturing the first time Ryder & Tagg spent the day skiing with no instructor
Did they enjoy the slopes or hot chocolate break more?
Daddy chasing Ryder down the slope to end the day
Celebrating New Year's Eve in Beaver Creek Village