Thursday, July 17, 2014

Track & Field Camp

The Superior, CO Track & Field Camp was an incredible experience for Team Hutton. Who knew we had runners? Ryder (7) and Tagg (5) both won their grade/age group in 7 out of 8 events at the meet and took home the Best All-Around Performer trophies.
Displaying their blue ribbons and trophies
Ryder finishing strong with a 7:07 mile
Tagg throwing the javelin
Taggart finishing his 400m race with ease in 1:31
Ryder & Tagg racing each other in the 800m
Ryder leading the 800m at lap one with Tagg on his heals
Piper drinking the boys water

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July in Beaver Creek

Team Hutton had a great Fourth of July weekend in the mountains with Nana & Papa Leveque.
Enjoying snow cones and cotton candy at the Avon, CO fireworks
Sitting with Papa & Nana Leveque eagerly awaiting the Vail Fourth Parade
One way to beat the heat at the Fourth of July parade
Daddy and Piper in Vail Village for the parade
Listening to music waiting for the Beaver Creak, CO fireworks
Tagg & Piper realizing that it is way past their bedtime
Mommy and Ryder enjoying the beautiful CO night
Finally, fireworks! Piper was a little startled

Sunday, June 29, 2014

S'mores by the Fire Pit

The gas fire pit in the backyard is finally done so it was time to create a new family tradition....s'mores by the fire pit on weekend nights. I don't know if it actually creates time for more conversation but the added sugar does create a little more chaos and silliness.
Quintessential Team Hutton family photo
Seriously, Piper doesn't like s'mores

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hilton Head Island Vacation 2014 - V

The annual Hilton Head Island vacation is never long enough. We are so fortunate to have Nana and Papa Leveque there and always leave eager for our next Hilton Head adventure.
Taggart, Piper and Ryder posing
Piper enjoying her time with Papa Leveque
Sibling love
Silly time after dinner

Hilton Head Island Vacation 2014 - IV

 Team Hutton spent tons of time with sand between our toes.
Daddy time
"Swing me Daddy, Swing me!"
Surfs up 
... and the launching continued
Daddy chasing the kids out of the water
"That was a great day!"
Piper and Mommy enjoying a leisurely stroll on the beach

Hilton Head Island Vacation 2014 - III

Everyone, even Piper, loves the boat.
Nana Leveque, Mommy and Piper on the boat
Never fails....we got to see multiple dolphins that came right up to the boat
Piper! Enough said.

Hilton Head Island Vacation 2014 - II

Ryder, Taggart and Piper spending as much time as possible in the pool.
Ryder chillin pool side
Uncle Ryan launching Ryder
Uncle Ryan launching Tagg
Daddy joining in the fun
Uncle Ryan, Ryder & Taggart attempting simultaneous cannonballs
Tagg making the catch....that looks like its gonna hurt
Mommy racing Ryder

Hilton Head Island Vacation 2014 - I

This years trip to Hilton Head Island, SC included more animals and critters than ever before as Ryder & Taggart explored.
Tagg holding an alligator
Tagg holding a snake
Dolphins coming to the boat
Crabbing down at the boat dock 
Ryder & Tagg adopting baby loggerhead sea turtles
The boys catching a lizards pool side

Monday, May 26, 2014

Piper Enjoying Spring

Piper is truly enjoying Spring.
Outdoor Fall Fashion Show
Enjoying all that Nature Offers
Hoarding toys at Ryder's Fireside Elementary Field Day

Fireside Elementary Field Day

Ryder and his first grade classmates had a blast at the 2014 Field Day.