Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HHI Summer Vacation - part 4

Piper and Mommy finally made it into the pool....figuring they were safe since Taggart had dropped the water gun.
 Daddy's time with Piper did not go unnoticed and unspoiled....the results of the water gun are visible as Taggart hit is target....the back of Daddy's head (notice how he skillfully misses Piper).
The culprit was heard and seen laughing hysterically poolside.
 After the water gun was removed from action, all of the boys decided to spoil Piper with a little love and attention...we didn't ask her but from the photo it looks like it may have been a little too much.

Family vacation photo op in the pool.
Daddy and Ryder in the water....don't try that at home....yes, we did throw the camera into the air to capture the end of the day in the pool
Ryder was so happy swimming all day.

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