Sunday, July 29, 2012

24 Hours in Breck

Team Hutton headed to Breckenridge, CO for a little weekend get away....also, it was Piper's first time in the mountains. Unfortunately, Friday night was not one of Piper's better nights (i.e. slept in 20-30 segments)! When considering another sleepless night for the family, we decided to accelerate the weekend get away and do everything in 24 hours.

 With little to no sleep, we started the day with a leisurely bike ride into town for a coffee pick me up.
 Then Ryder, the aspiring Tour rider, started looking for hills to practice his hill climbing skills....
 This eventually led him to challenge his brother to a sprint finish. Tagg opted to not ride the pedal bike and was shockingly fast on the Stryder.
A quick gondola ride to the base of Peak 8. Piper's first ride on a gondola, even though she slept through it.
  Good quality family time relaxing at the base of Peak 8.
 Yes, Daddy was there...
After lunch, a family hike. Again, a first for Piper (and she was awake for this first).
Piper and Mommy hiking in the amongst all the spruce, fir and lodge pole pine trees. 
Taggart, Piper and Ryder on a ski lift to end the hike and quick weekend get away.

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