Sunday, May 12, 2013

Soccer Season

Yesterday, Ryder & Taggart completed another successful Spring soccer season. Both boys teams had great seasons and improved significantly. Personally, Ryder and Tagg continued to enjoy the competition and demonstrate great sportsmanship and teamwork.
Tagg patiently waiting for his game while watching Ryder's

Ryder in open space setting up the defenders

After a quick cross over, Ryder's prepares to take a shot on goal....and SCORE!
Taggart in the background cheering Ryder on.
Ryder ready for the throw in 
Ryder scoring his second goal of the day 
Tagg aggressively going toward the goal
Tagg scoring a goal early in his game 
Coach Hurst attempting to harness Tagg's passion... Tagg takes it personally when the other team scores.
Tagg channeling his emotion into a defensive slide tackle 
Taggart sizing up the goal as the game comes to a close... and SCORING!
Ryder continues to focus on his ball handling and offensive skills. Tagg still loves playing defense and has really mastered the slide tackle.

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