Saturday, February 18, 2012

Breckenridge ski vacation - IV

Ryder and Daddy spent the last day on the slopes together. Knowing that Mommy probably wouldn't approve, they took a photo from the chair lift and sent it to her.
Once off the lift, Daddy wanted another photo top commemorate the day. Both had huge smiles as they had so much fun.
Ryder led Daddy all over the mountain. He was really good. Once when Daddy fell, Ryder stopped and asked, "Are you OK and do you need me to help you?". It was a humbling experience for Daddy.

 Later in the day, Ryder paused before a run and ask, "Daddy, do you really think you can do this run?". Again, Daddy was humbled but could also be heard laughing loudly as he chased Ryder down the hill.

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